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The name of the town is a nod to Rancho Viejo, a large Spanish land grant on which the community was founded. Mission VieJO was a hilly region used mainly for cattle, sheep and pasture, although it was of little use to farmers. When Interstate 5 was completed in the 1950s, most of Rancho's land was abandoned and its agricultural use withdrawn to make way for the expansion of the Interstate and residential and commercial development. Since then, the city has become a commuter town on the western edge of Los Angeles County, north of San Bernardino County and east of Santa Ana.

The Mission Viejo City has erected a historic memorial stone to the historic streets and routes along the S18 county road (also known as El Toro Road) in the nearby town of Laguna Niguel. At the driveway to the north there is a small parking lot, which marks approximately the official city limit, from which you can arrive. On the south side of the highway, you can drive to the town of Aliso Viejo along the CountyRoute S 18, also known as "El Toro Road."

Silverado High School offers a school environment for full-day care, while Mira Monte, which shares the same campus, is completely independent for study. I visited Mission Viejo in the north, though most schools in the city of Aliso Viejon had their own separate campuses.

Children learn to improvise, move in rhythm, sing in different keys and use language in a musical way. The music program is designed to provide a basis for more complex music studies. Students have a solid musical foundation and can play any song they like, and feel a deep sense of pride when they achieve what they have set out to do.

If you are interested in learning drums or other instruments, visit the music lessons taught here in our shop. Renting an instrument is a great way to test your musical skills before committing to a serious purchase. Rest assured that our instrument rental program is 100% leased - owned - and you know that your payments will contribute to the purchase of an instrument should you decide to purchase.

The aim of our music curriculum is to develop well - well-rounded musicians who are ready to continue their instrumental and choral studies. Music in the lower school teaches the basics of playing instruments such as maracas, drums and keyboards. Dance (MYP) is offered to all students and Lake Mission Viejo also hosts an annual dance competition for high school and college students.

If you are a child venturing into the world of music for the first time, Music Arts has a home away from home. We are proud to serve the people and their journeys through music and we are here to help you shine no matter what kind of music you play. If you want to take your stay to a whole new level, then take a trip to the Aliso Viejo Town Center, where beauty comes to life. There are so many possibilities for music lovers who want to experience the magic effect of good music.

In addition to the adjacent town are located near the Aliso Viejo Community College District and the University of California, Santa Barbara. In addition, Soka University in America (SUA) is a great place for people who would like to have a college degree in Alisco Viejo. We can serve the area of Alisoviejo, Laguna Niguel, San Juan Capistrano, El Monte and Santa Ana.

We are a great place for those interested in art, music, business, education and social life in Aliso Viejo.

Some residents visit Aliso Viejo Margarita Bar and Grill, a popular bar and restaurant in the area. Saddleback Valley Unified School District (SVUSD) The school serves Mission Viejo and has been attending Capistrano Valley High School since 2006.

A small area at the southern tip of the city, including Saddleback College, is in California's 45th Congressional District, which has a Cook PVI R-3 and is represented by Democrat Katie Porter. A small part of Aliso Viejo and a small part of Capistrano Valley, and most of Mission Viejos is currently in California's 49th Congressional District, which has the Cook pVi (r) 1 and represents Democrat Mike Levin. In California, a smaller part of the city of Santa Ana, the largest city in the state of California with 1.5 million inhabitants, Lisa Bartlett is currently representing her. But most of it is outside San Bernardino County and within California's 49th congressional district, which has the Koch PVI (r) 1 and is represented by Democrat Tom Ammiano.

It is considered the largest master-planned community project ever built as a single project in the United States, only competing in size with Mission Viejo and Highlands Ranch in Colorado. It also includes Laguna Niguel, Rancho Palos Verdes Estates, San Juan Capistrano and San Gabriel Valley, had a population of 583,681 at the time of the 2010 census, according to the Census Bureau.

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