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The famous Mission Viejo Fairytale Trail is set in the holiday mood with illuminated fairytale houses, Christmas lights and much more. Mercantile Eastput traders on a Moana themed holiday with live music, food, crafts, a children's playground and more!

This free event allows you to take advantage of the craft tables with the whole family and enjoy live music, food, crafts, a children's playground and much more! Some fun activities are offered to children at this free family-friendly event.

Check out all the details, including food trucks, rides and more, to look forward to during this fun celebration. There will be live music, food, crafts, a children's playground and much more for children and adults.

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Others encourage residents to donate gifts to the Alisoviejo Community Center's annual Christmas Gift Campaign for the Homeless. Letters can be sent to 29751 Crown Valley Parkway and delivered to the front door of the Aliso Viejo Public Works Office.

Expect to be able to get to your seat early and see the parade route and the free shuttle service in advance. Make sure you check the route map and arrive early to get a great place, but expect heavy traffic, so secure your seats early or check out the route for the parade or the free shuttle service.

The cost is free, but please reserve your seat online before the event to avoid waiting times and book in advance at the Aliso Viejo Event Center.

The deadline for Laguna Niguel residents to submit a letter to Santa Claus is December 9, but there is a special holiday program for families in the Aliso Viejo school district. The program allows families with children in the classroom to drop off a snake at Santa Claus' home and have it written to them over the Christmas period.

The city of Chabad on Laguna Niguel will host Hanukkah Menorah Lighting in Wonderland on December 9 at 9 a.m. on Crown Valley Parkway 29751. The last day on which letters can be sent to Santa Claus and his elves and elves is Monday, December 10, from 9.30 a.m. to 11 a.m. in the car park in Kronental. A free shuttle service is provided to residents by Aliso Viejo City Planning Department and the City Parks and Recreation Department. Decoration competition with a variety of prizes for the winner of the decorated competition and a prize pool of $50,000.

Visit Santa Claus, ride a sleigh on the snow hill and watch the holiday boat parade around the lake in this fun family event. Free family fun includes a Christmas tree lighting at Aliso Viejo Community Center on Saturday, December 9 at 5: 30 p.m. Guests can enjoy a free ice rink, free snowshoeing, snowmobiling and snowmobiling, and a variety of activities.

This event at the Aliso Viejo Community Centre will take place on Saturday 9 December at 5.30 pm in front of the Santa Claus and Santa Claus craft shop. These include a Christmas tree lighting and free ice rink, free snowshoe hikes, snowmobiles and snowmobiles ($5 per person, 2 years and younger are free).

At this event, families can take photos with Santa, enjoy pancakes and coffee and listen to Santa read "The Night of Christmas." The Aliso Viejo Association will hold its annual Christmas Cruise at the Santa Claus Craft Shop on Saturday, December 9, at 5.30 p.m.

Couples looking for a wedding in Orange County with breathtaking mountain views and stunning green spaces will be thrilled by the natural aspects of the venue. The outdoor ceremony will take place under a variety of California trees, including palm trees, at Aliso Viejo Country Club. Amenities include an outdoor pool, outdoor seating and a private garden overlooking the ocean.

The Country Club offers professional private event managers who work directly with clients, as well as other professionals who are passionate about creating events that impress wedding guests. The Valley View Dining Room, with vaulted, beamed ceilings and a built-in rustic bar, is perfect. Two wall windows let in plenty of natural light, while a pair of balconies invite guests to enjoy views of the ocean, mountains and Pacific Ocean from the private dining room. Couples can also work directly with the chef and the director of food and beverages to ensure a full catering and bar service, including a bespoke menu for the wedding reception, dinner party and other events.

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