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We are a privately owned company that places great value on creating and nurturing a work environment that attracts the best talent and reflects our commitment to our employees. We are a diverse and inclusive workplace where employees are respected and valued for their unique perspectives and experiences. I am looking forward to joining the UK and Ireland marketing and communications team based in Feltham, West London.

Associates to build long-term relationships with customers by helping them navigate through investor products and services, including integrated employee benefits, customer service and customer care solutions.

It is our mission for every financial representative to have a rewarding interaction with each client, starting with their arrival at the Investor Center. From the moment a client arrives at the investment centre, we have a responsibility to provide the best Fidelity experience, visit inspiring clients and inspire their commitment and commitment to build long-term positive relationships with Fidelity. By creating a warm and welcoming environment at the arrival of the customer, by working with the industry and contributing to the success of the industry, by helping the customers and by identifying planning, advice and opportunities during these interactions. Setting the tone so that visitors feel accessible, cordial and a place where they can ask questions is crucial to contributing to the success of customers.

In this role, you will have a decisive influence on the industry culture by working with partners to help customers achieve their goals and support them in their financial goals.

As a team leader, you organise and optimise the daily logistics and operations that control incoming and outgoing customer service activities. As part of the Scrum team, you work closely with other team members, customers, partners and other stakeholders. In this role, it is your responsibility to provide agreed - and safety-compliant - services. The Carrier Management (CM) Supervisor acts on the organization to ensure that the security requirements of our customers and partners in the USA are fully met.

If you would like to request accommodation, please send us an email with a request with 2 options (option 2). At Fidelity, our focus is on making sure we help people live the lives they want. By giving us a basic financial orientation, you can help us to provide the best possible financial advice to our customers, partners and other stakeholders.

The ideal candidate for Administrative Assistant III has experience in a fast office environment with a high level of communication and collaboration skills. The employee will lead and monitor production and safety requirements, with an emphasis on customer service, compliance and customer care. Candidates will focus on written communication, problem solving skills, communication skills and a strong understanding of business processes and procedures.